Back To School Drive: College Edition

Back To School Drive: College Edition

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Of the nearly 16,000 kids currently in Arizona's foster care system, only about 10% are expected to attend college and only 3% will complete a degree.  For many teens who spend their teenage years in foster care group homes or between living arrangements, access to basic college-life supplies can be limited and will likely become a deciding factor when considering whether or not to attend college. That’s why we have partnered with ASU’s Bridging Success program to help send incoming freshman Sun Devils to their first day of class with all the supplies they’ll need for a smooth transition into college life!

The Back-To-School Drive: College Edition will provide each student with $500 in the form of store credits and gift cards to assist with the purchase of supplies like bedding, towels, groceries, hygiene supplies, and dorm room materials along with training on budgeting strategies and financial literacy.

Funding goal: $15,000 per semester

Students served: 25-30 per semester

Giving Deadline for Fall 2018: July 31st, 2018

*Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator at [email protected] for sponsorship information*

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